Why Us?

Competitively Priced

One of our guiding principles is to provide quality space at an affordable price. Don’t just take our word for it – Look around for yourself! Our space is competitively priced and far less expensive than many similar building spaces in Rhode Island.

No CAM Fees

CAM fees are the standard burden for a company renting out an industrial space, no matter where you go. At West Davisville Commons, we are proud to be an exception. WDC does not charge CAM fees to any tenants, keeping tenant costs as low as possible.

Flexibility of Physical Space:

One of the greatest strengths of our buildings is their ability to serve your business needs, no matter the industry. West Davisville Commons provides tenants with the following benefits:

  • Our loading docks align us with the needs of small distributors
  • Our super heavy floor loads make us great for small warehouses
  • Our space can support clean room facilities, making us perfect for growing medical device manufacturers
  • Our yard is a must-have for trucking companies
  • Our ability to do highly custom build-outs means that we can make your business feel right at home

Commitment to Quality

Top service all the time is our #1 guiding principle. With West Davisville Commons, you get quality services that give you constant peace of mind. With WDC’s on-site landlord and 24-hour maintenance service, help is always where you want it, when you need it most.

Comprehensive Services

West Davisville Commons provides services that go above and beyond those of standard warehouse buildings. WDC and its tenants are able to take advantage of Quonset Business Park’s luxuries including:

  • Grants/tax advantages
  • Industrial and manufacturing hub
  • Nearby retail and shopping
  • Proximity to Providence and Boston